Best Blender For Green Smoothies

Making green smoothies require  a really good blender. The same blender that your friends might take out for summer parties when they are blending up a batch of frozen daiquiris or margaritas, is not the type of blender you want if you are making healthy green smoothies. That said, a blender that can handle a green smoothie can also make an amazing frozen margaritas. It’s just that you can get away with using a cheap blender for frozen drinks, whereas you really can’t make a green smoothie with a cheap blender. What you will end up with is a mess that doesn’t taste good, has a bad texture, and will turn you off drinking health smoothies.

What you want to do is get a blender that is designed to process anything you might put into a green smoothie. This means that the blender needs a powerful motor and strong stainless steel blades. These features will allow the blender to really blend up kale and spinach, whole lemons, almonds and walnuts, chia seeds, oats, avocado, coconut, and leafy greens. If you’ve already tried to make a healthy vegetable based smoothie in a small bullet style blender or a regular blender then you know how poor the results will be. It can be simply undrinkable. What you are left with it’s unblend soup.

A good green smoothie will be smooth, evenly textured, and taste great.  It will also be cool. Remember that.  You don’t want to have to keep your blender on for a long time because the heat created by low quality blenders is destructive. Too much heat will destroy the enzymes in the fresh vegetables (this is one of the big reasons that cold press juicers are so popular). Also, besides the health factor that is involved in heat transfer, there is a also a problem of taste. Do you really want to drink a warm smoothie? No, of course not.  This is one of the big reasons you want a powerful blender that can process everything without having to blender for a long time.


Why Do Greens Warrant A Special Blender?

That’s the big question people have when they first start looking to make green smoothies. Why the expensive blender? Why can’t you just get a cheap blender? Well, it all comes down to the ingredients that constitute a green smoothie. If you were to blend up only frozen fruit and milk or yogurt, then you could probably make due with something like a high end bullet blender (even when buying a bullet style blender you want to make sure you don’t get a cheap one, for reasons I’ll explain later).

But green smoothies are made of vegetables that are often referred to as “fibrous vegetables”. Things such as kale and spinach are the two main ingredients that you need a good blender for. They just won’t blend up properly in a regular blender. If you try and make a green smoothie in bullet blender it just won’t blend up properly unless you only use microgreens and also have a top of the line blender.


What Problems Do Cheap Blender Pose?

The problem with cheap blenders are:

Excessive Heat

Poor Blending Ability


Each of these things on it’s own is something you never want with a blender. But when you get a cheap blender, you will get all of them. The excessive heat is terrible because it makes the smoothie warm, which will make it taste gross. Secondly, the excessive heat also can destroy some of the important nutrients.  Which is terrible thing, you’re not drinking green smoothies just for the taste right? You want the health benefits. And while the fiber will remain unharmed by the heat, things such as antioxidants and phytonutrients. So, the heat issue is a very serious one.

The poor blending ability of cheap blenders is the biggest problem that most people face. Cheap blenders simply won’t be able to blend up what you need. The resulting “green smoothie” will most likely turn out to be a mess that is simply disgusting to try and drink. You might liken it to a stew. It won’t be smooth enough or drinkable at all.  The type of blender that is fine for making milkshakes and even fruit smoothies, simply can’t handle leafy greens and other ingredients necessary to make a green smoothie.

Leakage is another big issue. Some of the cheap blenders don’t have a tight seal and what you end up with a lot of the time is a big mess. You never want to have to deal with the blender base being mess up with spillage because that will require you cleaning it, and with cheap blenders, the more you have to clean the base, the higher likelihood that the blender will get water damage, which is a real concern with cheap blenders.


What To Look For When Choosing A Blender?

When you are looking for a smoothie blender, specifically one that will handle green smoothies, you need to look to make sure that the blender has all of the following features. Here’s some of the most important ones to check for.

Low Temperature

As mentioned earlier in the article, you should always opt for a blender that doesn’t create too much heat. Just remember heat destroys nutrients.

Strong Motor

A strong motor is essential for green smoothies because you are going to be blending up fibrous vegetables, remember  them? They are the tough ones, the super healthy ones like kale and spinach. The stronger the motor, the faster the blender can blend them up. This means less heat, as well as a complete blend.

Easy To Clean

You never want to get a blender that is a headache to clean. What you will end up with is a very expensive of kitchen furniture. The harder it is to clean something, the less likely it is that you  will use it. Most people don’t like extensive cleaning, so they just eventually stop using there blender.

Easy To Operate

Lots of bells and whistles isn’t necessarily a good thing. This is one reason that the Vitamix is so popular, it’s super easy to operate considering it’s the best blender for green smoothies on the market. You want a simple to use blender, not something


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